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What is Torpille ?

Torpille is a start of a Tor exit node scanner. It's a work in progress…

What is Torpille_DNS ?

Torpille_DNS comes as a first step as explained here. This scanner tests every exit node weekly with a DNS test. We assumed that any exit node should be able to resolve so we test it. Errors are not immediately reported because it can be temporary and it is often quickly solved. Only relays with persistent (one week) DNS error will be reported as Bad Relays.

What are the results ?

Full logs are publicly available here.

Here are the error types you can find :

Why reporting to bad-relays@ ?

Yet 10 relays have been reported:

It is reported with the objective of contact with the Tor exit node's administrator, hoping that will solve the problem for the benefits of all Tor users. It is not done to push relays in the BadRelay category that would be a loss of ressource for everyone, but it could happen if the Tor Project team decide so.

What to do if my relay appears ?

If you appear once. You can check your DNS configuration and / or test it.

If you appear twice or more in the most recent part of the logs, please go deeper in your DNS configuration because it seems that you have a persistent DNS error and users connected with your exit node will not be able to reach their destinations.

If you think the scanner give a false positive result, just tell me !

If your relay appeared but does not anymore :

Comment ?

Should you have any comment on this page, get in touch !

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